esprit vital

Life is all about discovery.

Each and every one of us is equipped with a spirit of curiosity intended to lead us to uncovering new and exciting details about the world, about ourselves, about others. esprit vital is my outlet of personal discovery of all things essential and life-giving in this world. As a culture, I feel we have become so focused on the extravagant that we forget about the little moments that shape us into who we truly are. That's what this project is about: finding the extravagant even in the commonplace and tapping into our human potential to reach greatness.

esprit vital is an expression of that which is vital - what is essential and necessary - to thrive. It is also the force of life, creativity, and spirit that enables us to live purpose-driven, mindful lives.

As I began formulating the vision for this blog, several different ideas popped into my mind, and when I took a big picture look, the unifying theme was that of holistic vitality. Like a biological system, our lives are comprised of many, many interacting parts - our passions, our communities, our relationships, and our nourishment, just to name a few. They all interact in a complex, yet amazingly functional way to construct who we are as individuals and can determine the quality of our lives. I intend to address the questions of how can we live our best lives by honoring the bodies we inhabit, respecting ourselves and others, and paving a way for our passions? How can we be present with our struggles and emerge with a new perspective that enables us to view the world through a lens of gratefulness? This is by no means a definitive guide to living a healthy, holistic life, but is the pursuit of uncovering holistic elements within my personal experience.

I hope you join me on this adventure of discovery with an open mind and open heart, and that my thoughts may provoke questions and discussions in your own lives that help you see that the little details are part of a larger fabric.