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Leigh Baldwin

I am a Tacoma-based photographer, relationship enthusiast, and holistic lifestyle advocate who's out to make a difference in the world and how we view and treat ourselves, others, and the environment in which we live. When I'm not making a delectable mess in the kitchen, I can be found adventuring in the vast expanses of nature, singing with abandon, or contemplating the bigger questions of life and personal development...sometimes all at once!

This site is all about my personal discovery of all that is essential and life-giving: whatever brings joy, health, and inspiration to life.

I believe that we are all placed here with a specific vocation, what Frederick Buechner describes as: 

"the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."

It is there that we can uncover a wealth of inspiration, motivation, and change in ourselves that can improve everyone's state of affairs. This site is helping me do that...I hope it helps you discover your deep gladness as well!